Hey, Hi and Hello

Welcome to our NIFTY+ community. We’re so glad you came!
You’re here because you totally get NIFTY+!
Your first reaction was “Wow! That’s smart!” or “My gosh! Where have you been all my life” or even “Ahhh! That’s so NIFTY!”
So, we’re not gonna waste your time trying to win you over 😉
Instead we’ll let you scroll down and have a look at the different NIFTY+ color variations.
But before you do, we’d love to take the time to THANK YOU!
Thanks for investing in your very own NIFTY+ and thereby joining our mission of conveniently & sustainably reducing the use of single use 2-go sleeves and carriers.
However, that’s not the only place you’re helping reduce waste and we’ll tell you why!
Every NIFTY+ is handmade from new leather cut offs, as our mission also includes reducing the massive amounts of leather waste that occurs around the world, one NIFTY+ at a time.
So, the small pieces of leather that can’t be used in larger productions we use for our NIFTY+. Each one is unique and there won’t be more than a handful or two of each color.
This means you’re helping save the leathers from ending up as stuffing or simply being burned off.

One last thing!
With every purchase we donate 5% of the proceeds directly to BØRNS VILKÅR
(Childrens Conditions).

Childrens saftey and wellbeing is of huge importance to us and the work Børns Vilkår is doing is so important!
You can read more about them here on our page or visit them at https://bornsvilkar.dk/
Now we’ll leave you to scroll down so you can pick your very own unique NIFTY+.
Much love & thank you
Nessie Beik & Team NIFTY+
Are you looking for the cafe version then please head on over to niftycup.com or press on NIFTY Business at the top of this page.