We met over a coffee!
A job interview back in 2010 brought us together.
A nifty match was made.

CEO and Founder
Creative Director

After 15 years in retail, I decided in 2015 to spread my wings and pursue the dream that had been growing strongly in me over the last 2 years.

At the time, Pernille had finished her bachelor in visual communication and was living and working in Hamburg. I knew that our creative skills combined and our retail experience, would be 2 of the 3 pillars we needed for this NIFTY idea.

Once I had done my research and mapped out my nifty plan, I asked - my very near and dear friend - Pernille, over a coffee of course, to jump on board my running train and together embark on our NIFTY adventure.

We then set out to find the 3rd pillar - KNOWLEDGE. This we found through tons of research and through help and guidance from friends, family and our beloved network.

After many laughs, blood, sweat, tears and loads of coffee later, we are here!

And we sincerely THANK YOU for your open embrace!


We were drinking coffee and doodling in the kitchen at Nessies, when she presented to me, her nifty plan, and a few minutes later the swoosh-logo had appeared on the paper in front of me

That evening and night, we talked; VISIONS AND DREAMS: BIG AND SMALL, for our crazy journey, that we were about to go on together...... with a lot of to-go’s!

So with fun and hard work, our style and tone of voice was created! Because when working with a really close friend, you know what the other wants and doesn’t.

much love